The Studio

Available Instructors The dance studio at Colourfield is suitable for most dance applications, from classes to rehearsals, as well as for lectures and meetings.

the dance studio at Colourfield, looking northeast
the dance studio at Colourfield, looking southeast

Climate controlled, well-lit, clean and private, the dance studio measures roughly 500 square feet and has mirrors on the east wall. Curtains may be drawn to partially or completely cover the mirrors. PA is typically available for use, as are folding chairs. Maximum active free-movement capacity is around twelve adults, plus an instructor. Please note: As the floor is industrial tile over concrete, it is not recommended for ballet or aerobics or other high-impact activities.

Interested in holding your classes in the dance studio at Colourfield?

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Rentals are temporarily unavailable for safety reasons. We hope to open up again in summer '21.